Freemius Stats Plugin for WordPress

When you run a business, it’s important to know, in detail, your revenue and customer statistics.

Freemius gives you a general overview of your statistics for each product, but there could be more.

Have you ever asked yourself:

The Freemius Stats plugin for WordPress gives you access to all of this data, and more!

Features & Benefits

Combined Dashboard

View the stats for all of your Freemius based products in one place.

Live Data

View your sales for the current month, exactly as they'll appear inside Freemius.

Daily Sales

See an overview of your sales for each day of the month.

Filter by Month

View all of your sales data on a month-by-month basis.


Discover the percentage split of transaction types, including new sales, renewals, trials, trial conversions, or refunds.

Product Sales

Find out which products are performing the best for the month.

Billing Cycles

Take action based on your best performing billing cycles.

Sales per Product

Product specific sales figures for the month, side-by-side with your other products.

Past 18 months Net Revenue

Analyze your net revenue over the past 18 months, visually.

Past 18 Months Transaction

View the volume of each transaction type for the past 18 months.

Year on Year

Compare the current, past, and estimated revenue data for each year.

Country Share

Find out which countries give the most value for the month and all time.